Utopia & Utility

Combining function and fantasy


We believe that everything that deserves to be made; deserves to be made well. 
From the process to the finished objects, our motivation is to enrich life through beauty.

Our product philosophy at Utopia & utility is to combine traditional materials in innovative ways.
Crafts are at the heart of each object, we work closely with various European makers to develop and produce all our pieces.


Pia and the glassblowers, Czech Republic, 2018

Pia and the glassblowers, Czech Republic, 2018

Behind U&U

Founded in 2012 by siblings Pia and Moritz Wüstenberg, at Utopia we work together with our team and craftsmen to grow a business with integrity and good intentions, wishing to highlight the beauty of craft and the value in tacit skills.

Pia Wüstenberg.jpg

Pia Wüstenberg is a Creative with a passion for materials and craft.
She graduated from the Royal College of Arts Design Products course in 2011 and was running her own freelance studio in East London till summer 2017.
After this, her studio relocated to rural North Germany, allowing better access to the European Crafts and more time to dream.
Pia is a freelance designer at Utopia & utility and owner of the brand (which involves everything from heavy lifting to drawing up new ideas).


Moritz Wüstenberg is a Biochemical Engineer specialised in environmental engineering and energy law.
He has a passion for science and nature and combines this in his own organic distillery.
Moritz is a multitasker, next to his own company and PHD thesis, he is the MD at Utopia & Utility, responsible for our finance, logistics and business affairs (all the boring and brainy stuff).

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Ranee with Sculptt.jpg

Ranee Lachaize is our customer and sales force! She has a background in literature and management and organises all the practical aspects of our sales and product selection. She understands what we do in and out and travels the world independently to take care and promote our customers and products (she's the friendly one to talk to). Ranee works from her own offices in Paris, Reunion Island, and Kiel.


If you met us on a fair, then you might have had your first contact with U&U through Farah Hazim, who travels all the way from Berlin to follow us on our ephemeral adventures. In “real life” Farah is a sound artist.

TSV5 with BAsti.jpg

The team also includes Bastian Jöhnk, our reliable warehouse man. Basti is responsible for the upkeep of our stock and warehouse. He is also our full time maker, patinating bowls, polishing the copper and oiling all the woods (and doing most of the heavy lifting actually...).


Our last team member is little Jazz, our studio dog, assuming very seriously her position of Chief Happiness Officer… and occasional model.

Kiel Sculpt Jazz2.jpg

 Our Craftsmen

Everything we do is shaped by the hands of a maker.
Whether they are glass blowers, carpenters, ceramicist, metal spinners, cork experts etc… we find the talent that is needed in small, specialised European workshops.

A Utopia & utility product travels through many hands before it reaches our warehouse in Germany. Things need to fit together precisely and each craftsman secures that they do just that.


Glass Making in the UK

Glass Making in the UK