Korkki side table cork glass.jpg

Korkki Table

Korkki is Finnish for Cork, a suitable sound to describe this tactile side table. The piece consists of a large glass bowl, sealed through an upside down large cork bowl.

When the pieces are together, they form a sidetable combining the sensual soft warmth of cork with the crisp sharpness of glass. It can be simply used as a table or the cork lid can be lifted and the glass used as a container. Each part becomes a big bowl once taken apart.


Lampion pendant light studio glass.jpg

Lampion & Glass Lights

A collection of pendant lights inspired by the Chinese paper lanterns. They can be ordered in a single colour, two-coloured or free hand shaped glass.

Equipped with a silver coloured ceiling plate, a E14 silver coloured lamp holder, and an Elephant Grey braided textile cord.


Spool Tables wood bark edge wool.jpg

Spool Collection

Collection of side tables and pendant lights.
The top of the table is a diagonal slice of wood, seasoned for over a year to be retained intact in all its glory. This slice sits on legs made from wrapped wool, pulled by hand to form a traditional shape.
The lights are free hand blown. Each piece of the collection is unique and can not be replicated.


processed paper

Processed Paper

Processed Paper is a material developed during Pia's RCA studies. The material consists of rolled and glued waste paper, processed in various ways in the wood workshop. This material is further combined with metal or wood to make up furniture, products and jewellery.