Inspired by a simple fix on an old sauna ladle handle, fixed with wire and outright everyday genius. Heiki (named after the man who invented the fix) are freehand blown containers, soft and bulbous, each a one-off.

Each Heiki Container has its unique handle, fixed onto it after the glass has cooled down. The handle is made in two parts, which are attached to one another on the glass piece itself through wrapping yarn or wire.

Developed upon a wish by a Parisian gallery, Heiki is now available as an adorable Mini version.



Soft and wild, the Tribe collection is a revival of ethnic elements such as feathers, wood & rattan.
These materials are combined with glass, in its simple version or cold-worked to reveal some totemic features.



A play on using natural elements with man made shapes: the branch bowl has a lid from a tree trunk with a branch stub and a bulbous glass body transforming it into an organic fruit shape. The glass part is free handblown, making each piece even more unique.



Combining art with design, the cactus is a glass sculpture with glass stems acting as small vases, making the cactus bloom.