Ida handblown studio glass


Ida is an audacious vase, with its folded rim and fluid curves it represents the borderless possibilities of glass as a material. 
The liquid state of the glass (when being blown) is captured in Ida’s transformation into a crystalline and stable shape. Each piece is unique, free handblown by an artist glassblower in England.

More secrets about the making: we work with silver and gold colours (Green and Red tones). Colours with content of gold and silver have the quality of flashing silver or gold when deprived of oxygen. The outer rim of the Ida is originally the inside of the glass bubble when blown (so without oxygen), thus creating an interesting effect of colours. Look closer.



Sculpt cut glass metal wood

Sculpt Stacking Vessels

The very first U&U collection with cut glass. Both rough and refined, this assortment plays with the multiple metamorphosis glass grants as a material.