The transformative power of a headdress, inspired by a friend recognisable by her hat.

Indulging in the pleasure of creating sculptures of natural materials and loose forms, this haute-couture collection is an artist edition of vases made of weaving, glass and feathers for a natural and soft feel. Each piece is unique, and the very first batch was shown during the Milan Design Week in 2017.

How much we transform through a hat for instance is obvious - we look dressed, dapper, we can make a statement even when otherwise informal. It is the same for objects, their anthropomorphic characteristics is emphasised and they become playful. 



The very first U&U collection with cut glass. Both rough and refined, this assortment plays with the multiple metamorphosis glass grants as a material.

The prelaunch of this collection occured in South Korea last May, during the European Contemporary Design Exhibition.
The collection will be officially launched in Europe at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk in October.


Cover Pisara.jpg

Pisara, 'drop' in Finnish, is a collection of two Stacking Vessels with various finishes, and an exclusive palette of pastel and vivid colours never used before. In the way a drop would blend the pigments on a watercolour canvas, this assortment takes inspiration in the versatile unity of nature.



Developed upon a wish by a Parisian gallery, Heiki is now available as an adorable mini version.



Cestini is a side table made of glass and basket weaving from Sardinia.
Sardinia has a rich culture of basketmaking, Cestini Sardi, continued with passion and dedication by the women in the villages and cities.
At Utopia & Utility we work exclusively with European crafts, and  it is the first time we are developing a range in collaboration with Italian craftsmen, and we are more than delighted to now include this beautiful old craft to our palette.


Cover Big Bloom.jpg

Big Bloom is drawing from antique shape as a statuesque vase crowned by a wooden bowl, the biggest hand turned piece of wood we have designed at U&U.