A collection of 3 mini Stacking Vessels originally designed for the Tate Museum in London and inspired by the color palette of the French painter. Their subtle presence makes them spontaneous design collectibles.



Limited edition of Ten pieces per reference. The wood is Acacia, and is smoked to achieve a beautiful dark surface. The glass is either solid or two-colored, and as such more organic, inspired by the colour of flower petals.



Made of two Stacking Vessels and a Candle holder, this is the first collection developed from soapstone, this particular material rough and soft in the meantime, playing with the contrast of glass and tenderness of wood.



A set of small jars combining glass and cork. The glass vase can act as a lid to the base bowl, or be lifted off to serve as a small independent vase.



Playful serving bowls. Viewed from the side they appear in the abstract shape of a bird, with the wooden spoon forming the tail. They are mobile, swiveling on their heavy pointed glass belly.