'Utopia & Utility captures European Excellence' by Craftsmanship Soul, April 2018

"The Stacking Vessels demonstrate a dialogue between the materials.
The materials characteristics react to their counterparts. Such as glass is described as cold against wood it seems warmer against metal. But there is another dialogue taking place, one that is subtler in observation but highly demanding during production. It is the combination of the different traditional making processes. And here, the interaction between the various crafts needs a creative solution to function jointly. Each craftsman’s skill is exceptional. When craftsmen usually work in isolation with their chosen material, blending various crafts in one object, Pia’s work is to find the fundamental concept that unites the materials." Mareike Besch








'German-Finnish designer Pia Wüstenberg is seeking solitude for a life and work with contrast' by Design Milk, March 2018

"The mission of Utopia & Utility is to nurture, protect and connect European craft skills. “We work with craftsmen in over ten European countries, and their work is combined into one piece in our warehouse in Germany,” Pia says. “So, as much as I am influenced by differences, I also seek to consolidate them.” Katie Treggiden




'Skinflint meets : Pia Wüstenberg, Designer' by Skinflint Design, December 2017

"Each material can have a new aesthetic almost according to the material it is paired with. This I find fascinating. Further, I think the challenge in making different materials fit together is one that is great to pose to craftsmen. Makers, usually work in isolation, and my projects challenge them to work collaboratively (...) Working directly next to the craftsman allows me to influence details, but is not always possible. Mostly it educates me to the way a material likes to behave, as I believe a good design shouldn’t force a material to do something that is against its nature. To push boundaries, yes, but to find solutions that are comfortable to make." Pia, interviewed by Sophie





'Future Heritage announces new makers for Decorex 2017' by HotelDesigns, September 2017

"Pia Wüstenberg’s pieces confound expectations of scale. She celebrates the glories of blown glass, in new collections of brightly coloured tables and vessels in which she combines glass with traditional Sicilian basketry."

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