Cover Terra.jpg

Terra is a composition of three pieces as an ode to the tactile and tangible earth.
These Stacking Vessels are made of glass, wood, ceramic and soapstone.



Our largest vessels. Beautifully tactile, the contrast between the soft wood, the porous ceramic and the hard translucent glass is emphasized through the scale of these pieces.

Viewed from the front the Vessels appear perfectly symmetrical, while they transform into slight asymmetry once viewed from the side, testimony of the aerial process of glass hand blowing. 



The vivid and unique runs of Raku Ceramic are characteristic of the Butterfly Stacking Vessels.

Raku is a smoke fired glaze, achieving a beautiful craquel effect on a smoked ceramic base. It is a delicate material with a mind of its own: beautiful patterns emerge from the glaze and the fire, making each piece absolutely unique.