The India pieces are formed with wood, glass, and metal (brass or copper). Together these materials are elegant and timeless, complementing and complimenting by each other. The collection brings together five different sizes and assemblies, and by the nobility of their composition they suit any kinds of interior display, which makes the India range one of our most successful collections. 

Alike the other collections of Stacking Vessels, these pieces stand as sculptures when stacked, and become functional once unstacked, the three containers acting as independant bowls and vases.



Imposing, impressive by their scale and dominant proportion of glass, and acting as proper sculptures, the large Stacking Vessels bring refinement and elegance to any space.



The contemporary reinterpretation of the famous jewelry egg, into two glass and metal bowls stacked together to form the most perfect shape – the egg. The piece is beautifully crafted to sit as an ornament, and can be cracked open to serve as two bowls.