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___________________   NEW | THE U&U BOX  ___________________


The Paketti, the first U&U annual subscription.

The Concept : three times in the year, you receive at your doorstep a treasure box, containing between 1 and 3 bestseller items or exclusive new products.
A great way to expand your collection or receive unique gift items to bring joy to others.

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___________________   The U&U Concept  ___________________


Utopia & Utility is where we combine the functional and the fantastical.

Each object we design is handmade and unique,
and our signature products are called 'Stacking Vessels'.


The Stacking Vessels combine several materials and makers in a unique object.
Each piece consists of a set of individual containers, stacked together to create a sculptural vessel shape.
Once disassembled each part becomes functional, serving as different bowls and vases.


Objects | Click here for the Brochure 2018
Projects | Click here for the Presentation 2018



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___________________   New Collections  ___________________


The blooming season came, and slowly and patiently revealed its beauty.  A first glimpse at what the start
of the new season brought to U&U :
the poetic Branch Bowls with their curvy glass body and branch lid, the sculptural Heiki and their Mini version, and a new collection of Stacking Vessels called Pisara, meaning 'drop' in Finnish. 



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