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Discover the selection of ethereal glass lights and bird shaped objects
we picked to make the Summer days last forever. 


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___________________   The U&U Concept  ___________________


Utopia & Utility is where we combine the functional and the fantastical.

Each object we design is handmade and unique,
and our signature products are called 'Stacking Vessels'.


The Stacking Vessels combine several materials and makers in a unique object.
Each piece consists of a set of individual containers, stacked together to create a sculptural vessel shape.
Once disassembled each part becomes functional, serving as different bowls and vases.


Objects | Click here for the Brochure 2018
Projects | Click here for the Presentation 2018


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___________________   New Collections  ___________________


Black is back.
For this Fall, experimenting the multiple metamorphosis of glass, we are launching the first collection with cut glass, the Sculpt Stacking Vessels, rough and refined in the meantime.
Next to it, soft and wild, the Tribe collection is a revival of ethnic elements such as feathers, wood & rattan.

The last of the Autumn collections, the Terra, composed of three pieces as an ode to the tactile and tangible earth, will only be revealed in October at the Biennale Interieur in Kortrijk, Belgium.



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___________________   Next Events  ___________________


  • September | London Design Festival with Mint & Matter of Stuff

  • October | Biennale Interieur, Kortrijk, Belgium

more details here


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